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I, Charles Robert Anon, being, animal, mammal, tetrapod, primate, placental, ape, catarrhynce, (...)man;
eighteen years of age, not married (except at odd moments), megalomaniac, with touches of dipsomania,
dégénéré superior, poet, with pretensions to written humour, citizen of the world, idealistic philosopher,
etc. etc. (to spare the reader further pains)"

- um inédito de Fernando Pessoa sobre um dos seus primeiros heterónimos.

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Anónimo disse...

Também Poeta...

My soul is like a painted boat
That like a sleeping swan doth float
Upon the silver waves of thy sweet singing

Charles Robert Anon

Também filósofo... controverso...


From night's great womb with pain the horrid morn hao broke,
Far o'er the throbbing earth the clattering thunders roar,
The Titan wakes at last, his front begrimed with gore,
His brutal gasp abrupt uproots the rugged oak.
In mortal throes he raves, and with his stertorous croak
The birds are struck, the streams with terror dried, the shore
Caves into sea, mounts break down to their horrid core,
The tottering crags are rent, is rent the cloud’s gray cloak.
The lightning shrinks, the seas in roaring clangor splash,
The giant sways and now, with sudden thunderous crash,
Falls, and the throned stars from glittering seats are torn.
He fell; the startl'd earth, with frantic fury stung,
Split, burst, and broke; the air with rankling curses rung
But in the sky the sun still smiled as in scorn.

Também precocemente controverso...


Friends, tread in peace, here lies the devil;
The world hath now but little evil.

e... Pessoa

Genius is a Disease

It was kind of disease - a perpetual pining for something which was I felt unobtainable; a longing for something so vague, so indefinably beautiful, that earth could not contain it. Affections, loves, relations of sex - all there seemed to me cold, so cold. Genius is a disease, a glorious disease, but a great one.

Abraço, Paulo.

Leôncio Orégão disse...

Precocemente ascético, também? Ou mal-amado, por sua vez?
«I loved a woman; there was the story of sex relations, an emotional novelty. They were sex relations and no more. It was pleasure and no more.»

Isabel Metello disse...

Fui buscar aqui http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/h/o/o/hooltfhs.htm este :)
"How oft, O Lord, Thy face hath shone
On doubting souls whose wills were true!
Thou Christ of Cephas and of John,
Thou art the Christ of Thomas, too.

He loved Thee well, and calmly said
“Come, let us go, and die with Him”;
Yet when Thine Easter news was spread,
’Mid all its light his eyes were dim.

His brethren’s word he would not take
But craved to touch those hands of Thine:
The bruisèd reed Thou didst not break;
He saw, and hailed his Lord divine.

He saw Thee ris’n; at once he rose
To full belief’s unclouded height;
And still through his confession flows
To Christian souls Thy life and light.

O Savior, make Thy presence known
To all who doubt Thy Word and Thee;
And teach them in that Word alone
To find the truth that sets them free.

And we who know how true Thou art,
And Thee as God and Lord adore,
Give us, we pray, a loyal heart,
To trust and love Thee more and more."

Em termos mais profanos algumas palavras que li lembraram-me estas :) "thy heart will be my soul" :)

Isabel Metello disse...

Isto é, à banalidade o que é mera banalidade, ao Amor o que é do Amor, que encara a relação entre dois seres não como um fim em si mesmo, mas como uma forma de se alcançar Algo, que só está ao alcance de quem O Possa sentir...é este um dos Amores Camonianos...

Leôncio Orégão disse...

Over the glad waters of the dark blue sea
Our hearts as boundless and our souls as free

Anónimo disse...

Bom Dia, Leôncio

Estamos então a navegar em "outras" águas? Creio que, todos seremos um "Corsário". Que seja livres no mar profundo ou na Alegria... Este, creio é de George Gordon Lord Byron? Será? "O seu a seu...".