domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Ave Maria in Syriac - Aramaic. Schlom Lecht Maryam

Schlom Lecht Maryam. Ave Maria in Syriac - Aramaic language.

Syriac belongs to the Semitic family of languages, and is a dialect of Aramaic.

The history of Aramaic goes back to the second millennium B.C. It was "first attested in written form in inscriptions of the tenth century B.C., it still continues to be spoken and written in the late twentieth century A.D. by a variety of communities in the Middle East and elsewhere. At various times over the course of these three thousand or so years of its known history.

The closest immediate predecessors of Syriac, were the languages used in Palmyra (in modern Syria) and Hatra (in modern Iraq) around the time of Jesus. Aramaic continued to be in use among the Assyrian populations of Syria and Mesopotamia despite being dominated by Greek and Parthian/Persian rulers. The majority of these Assyrians later embraced the Christian faith and, although there are a number of short pagan inscriptions.

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